What is Shopify Plus & Why you should build your next eCommerce Shop with it

Ever heard of the popular adage that goes” when you’re in Rome, act like the Romans”? Well, that’s kind of how it is in business. When you’re a small scale enterprise, you go for small packages right? But when your business is large scale, if you really want to succeed, you’re only permitted to make use of “Plus” plans.

But as usual, with the tons of e-commerce platform plans available today on the internet, where every company seems to promise you paradise for your business, it could be hard finding the right one. That’s why today, after some rigorous strings of research, and having carefully weighed it with the rest, have decided to bring to you the best e-commerce package for your large scale business enterprise. And that’s no other, Shopify Plus. I know you’ve probably heard of Shopify, but do you have a clue about Shopify Plus, and the reasons why you should definitely use it? Well, here is what you need to know.

What is ShopifyPlus?

Shopify Plus is the enterprise ecommerce platform that’s powerful, intuitive, and scalable. Put differently, it is a Shopify plan that helps take your large scale business to the next level online. Here are the reasons why Shopify Plus is the real deal.



Given that the Shopify Plus platform is designed specifically for larger business enterprise, they’ve made sure the platform has unlimited scalability to match the needs of growing e-commerce brand such as Bombas, Nestle, and MVMT. With a fully hosted SaaS platform, that guarantees 99.99% uptime, using servers that are capable of handling up to four million hits per second, and thousands of orders per minute, without dawning on the site’s optimal performance, Shopify Plus is all you need to take your online business to the next level. 


While Shopify, which already has a 100+ themed offers its users a great opportunity for customisation, Shopify Plus takes customisation to a whole new level. For business brands who want more out of the functionality and appearance of their online store, Shopify Plus offers JavaScript and CSS features, that can be used to fully customise the checkout experience of your store. With these features, whatever image of an ideal online shop design is to you, is exactly what you’ll have.


Irrespective of all the extra functionality Shopify Plus offers to its users, the platform remains incredibly simple and easy to use. I mean, how often do you see a complex yet simple platform? That’s how it feels when you’re using Shopify Plus for your online marketing.


With Shopify Plus, it gets even better even better because, coupled with the sturdy and highly customisable interface, Shopify Plus allows its merchants to apply discounts to specific categories or products. That is, with the scripts available to you in Shopify Plus, you can place some amount of discounts on a certain product of your choice, perhaps for the first 3 buyers, and Shopify Plus will ensure that the first three purchasers of that product will enjoy that discount. No wonder why some people refer to Shopify Plus as the next generation plan.


Obviously a lot of e-commerce platforms struggle with managing their merchant’s products properly, especially when they start growing into large enterprises. Well, that’s their problem, and that’s where Shopify Plus has an edge over them. With Shopify Plus, merchants have access to the “Launchpad” tool which helps in alleviating some of that burden of having to manage products properly. Be it for flash sales, or product launches, with the Shopify Plus Launchpad tool, merchants can schedule bulk changes to coincide with the beginning and end of events in your online store. Such an absolute perfection!


Imagine having an online platform where you’re given a special manager, attached to help you run your online store? Well, that’s exactly what you get with Shopify Plus. Each Shopify Plus account is given a special “Success Manager.” Now, these managers are not just there to support and answer questions, no. Their functions include, providing tons of services such as design modifications (in case you need anything amended in the design), internal suggestions and tips, and advocates for feature requests. Look around, and you’ll never find a support structure better than this. Simply remarkable!


Another advantage of using Shopify Plus is that you get to integrate with other trusted apps, that will all come together to give you a seamless online marketing experience. Its marketplace offers more than 1,500 apps, checked and verified by Shopify, so you know they can be trusted to make running your online stores easier.

In a nutshell, with all these features and more, Shopify Plus offers to its merchants, it’s no surprises why their sellers are always making huge sales at the end of every month. The thing is, online marketing is all about using the right tools, and the right marketing tools are what you’ll get, when you make use of Shopify Plus. It’s that simple!